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Become a retailer of zero calories and carbs.

(Special information in english.)
We welcome retail all over the world, our main market is scandinavia and Europe.

SteviaVital® has products that will revolutionize the sweetener market in the world. Our products are all natural, sweet, healthy, grown without pesticides, requires down to 400 times less storage space *, significantly reducing shipping costs and therefore lower CO2 footprint on the environment . They affect neither rain forest or wildlife . If that's not enough, it can also be used by diabetics, helping you reduce or maintain weight and does not contribute to tooth decay .

Can one imagine much better reasons to start with a "new" sweetening ?

Our products meet the stringent EU requirements ( EFSA ) for sweetener based on stevia.

If your'e a wholesaler you will want to sell our products to meet the demand from the food / health food stores or food industry.

Do you have a shop or online store, you will like to sell our products to meet the demand from customers interested in health, weight reduction, diabetic friendly food, and LCHF (Low Carbers). The customer group is usually skeptical of artificial sweeteners .
Our survey shows that a clear majority of our customers want to buy our consumer products at your grocery store or health food store.

Do you have a business in the food industry (food, beverage, candy manufacturers, dairy production, etc. . ) You will like to sell our products to meet the same demand as above, but then as part of your own products. Around the world there is the production of stevia sweetened foods . Two well-known U.S. soft drink giants have already developed their products, several scandinavian companies also. When will your product be available?

Now you have a chance to be among the first stevia sweetened food products in the world. This gives you huge market advantages if you are quick off the mark . You should immediately contact us for more information and trial order .

Make your retail application today.

Are you interested in becoming a retailer/wholesaler/distributor/large customer so start by filling in some information about your company and we will contact you for further information.

Yes we want to invest in low-calorie!

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Vi välkomnar återförsäljare från hela världen.

Är du grossist, livsmedelsproducent eller har butik? Vi tror att du också vill bidra till folkhälsan och representera våra produkter.

Vi erbjuder informations och kampanjmaterial löpande och hjälper dig att informera dina kunder i vilket led du än befinner dig.

Vi kommer även att tillhandahålla annonsmaterial så du själv kan annonsera dina produkter i tidning eller webb.

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Stevia Vital ® Steviasocker & Extrakt

Stevia Vital ® är ett naturligt och gott sötnings-medel från plantan Stevia Rebaudiana.
Det speciella med Stevia Vital ® är att det är helt naturligt, har noll kalorier, noll kolhydrater och noll GI. Godkänt av WHO/FDA/EFSA  Läs mer »

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I vår webbshop hittar du våra olika Stevia-produkter i dess olika former, bordssocker och koncentrat. Du väljer den som passar dig bäst. Just nu fraktfritt över 600:- (Gäller Sverige).
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